Apex Safes gsa certified safe vault & scif

    How can Apex Safes make you more secure?

     Apex High Security Safes is a diverse Florida security company committed to providing professional service, high quality products and trusted results. Our proven reputation within the security industry has made us the go-to company when major retailers, government offices and residential clients require service for their security equipment.  We provide statewide coverage to all individuals and businesses with a core focus on cash services, government entities and the jewelry industry. Service to areas beyond Florida can be arranged where specialty training and equipment are required. We have helped countless businesses modernize their security procedures with intelligent products such as electronic time locks, silent alarm hold up combinations and audit control safe locks. We also build high security safes in standard and custom built sizes with UL rated security levels to meet any requirement. 

      Apex Safes is a preferred vendor to many branches of The Department of Homeland Security. As GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technicians, we work closely with the Federal Government, authorized sub-contractors and all areas of law enforcement when SCIF, vault or GSA container service is required. As GSA Certified Locksmiths, we specialize LKM7000, Simplex, Kaba, Sargent & Greenleaf, Mosler, Diebold, Hamilton and many other GSA approved security products. We maintain DUNS & SAMs registrations and have been awarded multiple government contacts.